Freddie Gibbs Kaytranada My Dope House Cover Art Square
Freddie Gibbs Kaytranada My Dope House Cover Art Square

Freddie Gibbs & Kaytranada Link On The Menacing New Single "My Dope House"

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(Freddie Gibbs at SXSW 2015; Photo by Scott Heins)

A minute into "My Dope House" Freddie Gibbs begins to croon. "Don't fuck with me, stay in your lane" the MC softly begs, as if to assure us that he has our own best interests in mind. The message that inundates his new Kaytranada-produced single is one of alarms blaring just ahead of ultraviolence. "This is for your own good," Gibbs seems to be saying. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Kaytranada opens the track with a dark and ever-sinking bassline that, once alloyed with tin can snares and sirens, becomes just the sort of menacing sound that Gibbs has become known for. A far cry from the cozy and soulful Madlib joints on Piñata, "My Dope House" is a much more menacing affair. It sounds as if Kaytra composed the beat from the back of a bloodied squad car, while Gibbs watches through the blinds, holding his loaded rifle. Uber-sinister lines like "I'll put your face on a shirt and get out of town" have always come naturally to the Gary, Indiana rapper, and on this new song they sound, yes, necessary.

Still, there's quite a lot of fun to be had with "My Dope House." Just as we heard on the 3 track EP Pronto, Gibbs is continuing his push toward crafting longer and more memorable hooks, and in this case he even breaks out into full-on melodic singing. Unexpected (but not unprecedented), the tactic works on "My Dope House" thanks to the glassy chords Kaytranada's sneaks into each chorus. Like a wink just before a gunshot or the kiss of a contract killing, "My Dope House" is a bit of tenderness that seals your  sorry fate. Stay in your own lane--better yet, get the fuck out of town.