Freddie Gibbs Drops Surprise 'Pronto' EP

Freddie Gibbs Drops New Surprise EP 'Pronto'

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Freddie Gibbs has set been hinting at a new project for some time, and late last night he finally delivered. Gibbs dropped a three track EP entitled Pronto just as the world was tucking in for the night, but now we’re wide awake, basking in the glory of the Gary gangster’s new work. Featuring production work from Toronto beatmakers Mikhail and Big Pops, along with a feature appearance from the velvet-voiced Dana Williams, Pronto is a fantastic piece of work, but perhaps not the Piñata pt. II that some fans might have hoped for.

Lead-off title track “Pronto” has Gibbs returning to a bit of the surly hook-singing that we last heard on “Bout It Bout It” over a beat that blends trap rattles and streetlamp synths into a sound that’s both menacing and melancholy. Gibbs has sung his praises for the Toronto sound for some time now, and here he is getting his own piece, running through the 6 with his flow. The beat floats back and forth like a balloon as Freddie waits below, jabbing it just as he pleases. Everything comes into tighter focus on “White Range,” which bar for bar is the closest Pronto to the throwback soul styles of Piñata. Lyrically, Freddie lowers his fists, opening up about the lost homies that inspire his raps and the struggle of new relationships.

And it all flows perfectly into “Diamonds.” The EP closer puts pavement-breaking bass below a glassy future-R&B midsection and has Gibbs leaning back and forth, spitting more of the rat-a-tat fire he’s known for. From front to back Pronto is a quarter hour of beautiful beats topped by artful rhymes that push a bit beyond the Gary Gangsta routine of past projects. Gibbs has always made a case for his MCing versatility, and Pronto is proof that he’s still gaining ground. Read Okayplayer‘s in-depth interview with Freddie Gibbs from last fall and stream the new EP below. Then again, cut to the chase and purchase it on iTunes here.

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