Frank Ocean's New Album 'Boys Don't Cry' Will Arrive This Friday

Frank Ocean's New Album 'Boys Don't Cry' Will Arrive This Friday

Hear 3-Minutes Of New Music From Frank Ocean In A Freshly-Leaked Snippet

Listen, I know you guys are at least as sick of reading Frank Ocean rumor mill type reports as I am writing them, but we may have just gotten our first somewhat solid lead on the Boys Don’t Cry release date in what seems like ever, really. According to the New York Times, Ocean’s album will arrive this Friday, August 5th as an Apple Music exclusive. They cite a source close to Ocean’s camp who claims to have intimate knowledge of the release strategy, though he insisted on remaining anonymous.

The album will be paired with some sort of music video, as well as an in-print publication that will be distributed at Apple Stores across the nation. And that’s about it. Anything else is mere speculation, but with whatever this morning’s video signified, it appears something is happening, and soon. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes on the matter, as Frank’s album is easily the most anticipated release of the year and we’ve been holding on to the edges of our seats for word on when we can finally put an ear to it. That day may be upon us after all. Stay tuned for more on Frank Ocean’s new album.






h/t New York Times

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