araabMUZIK - For Professional Use Only [beat tape]

araabMUZIK - 'For Professional Use Only' [Inst. Mixtape]

araabMUZIK - For Professional Use Only

The champ is here: beat champ araabMuzik, that is. The prince of sample-pad assault and battery dropped his all-instrumental mixtape For Professional Use Only today (stream below or download it via Live Mixtapes) which is definitely cause for celebration.  Besides the intrinsic value of 18 new araabMUZIK beats, this tape is the official soundtrack to our getting psyched about Roots Picnic 2013 where Prince Bin Muzak will be joining a pretty amazing line-up of boldface names, including a few you might not expect–don’t believe me just read (<–apologies in advance for my Trinidad Tourette’s, variations on that phrase are gonne get used a lot today).

For Professional Use Only:

1 This Is for the Ones Who Care
2 The Prince Is Coming
3 Getting 2 the Point
4 Never Have to Worry
5 Hammer Dance
6 Turn the Tide
7 Runway Bass
8 I Can Show U
9 Beauty
10 Street Knock
11 G Riding
12 So Good
13 AraabStyles
14 Heaven
15 Y.N.R.E
17 D.R.U.G.S
18 World Is Lost
19 Astro Dust
20 Words of a Chameleon

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