dvsn Bids Summer Sixteen Farewell w/ Dusty Curtis Mayfield Flip

dvsn Bids Summer Sixteen Farewell w/ A Dusty Curtis Mayfield Flip

by zo
September 26, 2016 4:02 PM

dvsn Bids Summer Sixteen Farewell w/ A Dusty Curtis Mayfield Flip

The wheelings and dealing of once mysterious r&b team, dvsn, have been well documented in these pages over the last six months or so. Their sexpot single “Too Deep” is still one of the year’s most sultry r&b treats, off one of the year’s most slept on offerings, their debut Sept. 5th. But it’s what they’ve done with OPM (other people’s music) that’s kept them in rotation (at least in these parts.) As we reported this morning, producer Nineteen85 (who’s crafted hit-after-chart-smashing-hit for Drake) shared some exclusives during his recent guest appearance on OVO Radio, which included a remix of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed” and this new cut from dvsn, “Dear Summer Sixteen,” which flips a classic from Curtis Mayfield a la Kanye’s chipmunk-voiced-soul-sampling method, and turns it into a certified heater.

At this point, dvsn may, in fact, be better known for the work they put on classics than their own original compositions, but if they keep these recalibrated rhythms coming, you’ll never see us complain. Hear their latest rework on “Dear Summer Sixteen” down below and if you happen to find yourself in Montreal next week, be sure to catch their spirited set live and direct at Bell Centre on Friday, October 7th. Their debut album Sept. 5th is out now via OVO/Warner Bros. Records. Pick up your copy on iTunes today.

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