Drake Skewers All Of Pop Culture In His New "Energy" Video

Drake Skewers Pop Culture With His Brilliant New Video For "Energy"

Drake Energy Video

Make a running list of the pop culture icons spoofed by Drake in his brilliant new video for “Energy” and you’ll be jotting down names like Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, O.J. Simpson, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Toronto mayor Rob Ford, Oprah, Floyd Mayweather, Benjamin Franklin, Queen Elizabeth, Kanye West and longtime Barbie love interest Ken. After days of build-up the MC finally released the video exclusively via Apple Music, meaning that you’re going to finally have to sign up for that free three month trial in order to watch the clip. And you’ll want to, because this is brilliant.

A series of expertly-done sight gags mixed with black and white shots of Drake and his crew holding court, the “Energy” video gives us a peek into an alternate reality some of the biggest pop culture figures of the last 20 years are transmogrified Drake clones, bearing his scruff and sneer. Politicians, musicians, athletes and dead presidents–it seems no one is spared a turn at Drizzy’s impersonation station, but each shot is so ridiculous that there couldn’t possibly be cause for offense. Is Drake making a statement–that he runs celebrity culture, or is he just having a whole lot of fun just because he can? Decide for yourself as you watch. It’s creative, self-aware, expertly-made and just flat-out hilarious; this has to be a top 5 “Video of the Year” contender already.

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