Dope Folks x Wax Poetics Sampler 2

Dope Folks x Wax Poetics - Sampler #2


Dope Folks and Wax Poetics are back with Sampler #2 aka more of the rare and unreleased pure uncut golden era hip-hop Dope Folks has become known for. The sampler boasts a host of joints – mostly the stuff of legend that nags hip-hop heads who reminisce about the music of their youth and hope in vain for even just a glimmer of the underground to return to major radio. If you came for the real, you’ve got it within the confines of this release. The second in the series, this compilation includes Lord Aaqil‘s “Check It Out” featuring The Square Roots amongst other joints primarily from the mid to early 90s. Wow! Check the sampler below. Scroll down for tracklisting.


1. EXAMPLE “I.E. Intro”
(From Houston, TX 1997 off of the “IMPULSES” EP”. DF0027)

2. LORD AAQIL “Check it Out”
(From Philadelphia, PA 1992 off of the “Check it Out”12” DF0017)

3. ROCK LA FLOW “Illwaukee”
(From Milwaukee, WI off of the “FLOWGRAM PT.2” EP 1994 DF0010)

4. LASTRAWZE “Sneak Peek”
(From Miami, Florida off of the “INSTRAWMENTAL EP PT.1 1995 DF0023)

5. KEVROC(DARC MIND) “Mother Made-Ya”
(From DJ BAZOOKA JOE presents “THE SLANG PARADE 2xLP 2012 DF0018)

6. AUTOMatic “The Back Up”
(From Milwaukee, WI off of the “ART IMITATES LIFE” LP 2012)

7. evitaN (DRES & JAROBI) “Presence of Greatness”
(DJ BAZOOKA JOE presents “THE SLANG PARADE 2xLP 2012 DF0018)

8. PLUSH BROS “No Gun”
(From Philadelphia, PA 1991 off of the “PLUSH BROS JR. ALBUM” DF0024)

9. D-MACK & MC DIZZY DEE “You Know the Flavor”
(From the “BACK TO THE LAB” Compilation 1990 DF0020)

10. SUPREME DJ NYBORN “Breathless”
(1990 From the “PAYROLL RECORDS SAMPLER” DF0016)

11. KSB FRESH “I’m Groovin'”
(From the “BACK TO THE LAB” compilation 1990 DF0020)

12. THE ORIGINAL MC SPICE “Take it to the Stage”
(1989 From Greensboro, NC off of the “PAYROLL RECORDS SAMPLER” DF0016)

13. RUTHLESS ROD & MC DOLLAR “As I Break Em Down”
(From Chicago, IL off of the “LOUD AS A BANSHEE +1 -1 EP 1989 DF0003)

14. THE BIZZIE BOYZ “Composition”
(From Greensboro, NC off of the “RARE & UNRELEASED ’87-’89 12” DF0012)

15. PUBLIK ANOUNSA “Lyrical Architect”
(Raw demo material from Cali off of the “LOST DEMOS 1990-1993” EP DF0026)

16. ILL DISTRACXION “Doing it Up Like This”
(From New York City off of the “PSYCHOTIC NASTY EP” 1996 DF0014)

(From Brooklyn, NY off of the EARPLAY ENTERTAINMENT EP 1996 DF0008)

18. COURAGEOUS CHIEF “No Feedback”
(From New Jersey off of the “WARPATH” EP 1991 DF0005)

19. STRANJ CHILD “Holyer Than Thou”
(From Milwaukee, WI the STRANJ CHILD ep 1995 DF0002)

20. OMNISCIENCE “I’m On Mine”
(From North Carolina off of the “FUNKY ONELINER” EP 1993 DF0022)

21. EXAMPLE “Endless”
(From Houston, TX off of the “IMPULSES” EP 1997 DF0027)

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