Divine Council's "Dirtbags In Distress" Video Will Give You A Contact High

Divine Council's "Dirtbags In Distress" Video Will Give You A Contact High

by Elijah C. Watson
February 01, 2017 6:35 PM

Divine Council's "Dirtbags In Distress" Video Will Give You A Contact High

Divine Council have released a new video for their track “Dirtbags In Distress.”

The three minute video finds all members of the group sitting in a psychedelic colored room, as they all spit their verses and smoke multiple blunts in the process.

“I spent my whole damn advance on some fucking weed / bought me some things I don’t need don’t tell LA Reid,” the song’s hook goes, the reference to Reid being that the group is signed to his label Epic Records.

In an interview with Noisey, member SilkMoney describes the song as being “about the current state of Divine Council.”

“I wrote the hook in a very trying time period for the Council and wanted to say some real shit that wasn’t bullshit,” SilkMoney said.

“Inspiration behind the song is the shit that we went thru in the past year and just telling the people what it is for real being completely honest and shit,” fellow member Cyrax added. “Also this the first song with all four of us on it, so this is a really special song.”

Divine Council was one of our artists to watch for 2017. The group has gained a helping hand in Outkast‘s Andre 3000, with the enigmatic rapper and actor hopping on the remix to their song “Decemba,” as well as directing the music video for the song too.

“Man, having Andre involved was a dream come true. The whole experience of working with him side by side on something so amazing is deadass hard to fathom. Truly appreciate to have a mentor like him and truly appreciative in his belief in us,” SilkMoney said in an interview with Complex about 3 Stacks directing the video.

“To be working with a legend like Andre is crazy as hell to me,” Icytwat added. “The video was cool as hell to be in, it was like a movie. Seeing Andre in that director mode and having to be in actor mode was so tight. Definitely a new experience.”

Check out the video for “Dirtbags In Distress” below.

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