Andre 3000 Lends His Vivid Storytelling To Divine Council's "Decemba"

Andre 3000 Lends His Vivid Storytelling To Divine Council's "Decemba"

Andre 3000 Lends His Vivid Storytelling To Divine Council's "Decemba"

When it comes to the brilliant, reclusive Andre 3000, you never know when he’ll be here or when he’ll disappear. So when you get a new verse from the Outkast lyricist, you appreciate it – and this week, he’s popped up on another remix.

Divine Council is a Richmond, Va.-based crew that consists of $ilk Money, Cyrax! and Lord Linco, and ICYTWAT, a producer from Chicago. As 2DopeBoyz reports, their single “P. Sherman (PS42WW$)” earned them a deal with Epic Records. Their EP, Divine World, is currently available.

According to Rolling Stone, Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu learned of Divine Council from their son Seven. $ilk Money fondly recalled meeting Three Stacks and being surprised to learn that he was a fan of the crew. “He sat next to us eating tomato soup and shit. That nigga flew from Texas to New York just to see us perform,” $ilk Money said. “He was saying how we remind him of Outkast because he ain’t never heard anything like us.”

High praise, and Andre 3000 showed his admiration by hopping on a remix of their song “Decemba.” The original ambient, trappish beat and $ilk Money’s sharp-tongued verse remain, and Andre 3000 (credited as André Benjamin) comes through for the second verse, with the imagery-rich storytelling and effortless flow that make him such a legend. The song was already a banger, and Andre 3000 made it even bettter.

This is another gem from what has already been a comparatively prolific 2016 for Three Stacks. He cooed backup vocals on Kanye West’s “30 Hours” from The Life Of Pablo, had a track for himself on Frank Ocean’s album Blonde with “Solo (Reprise),” and he appeared on Travis Scott’s “The Ends.” He’s also scheduled to appear on Kid Cudi’s upcoming album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’.

Listen to Divine Council and Andre 3000’s remix of ” Decemba” below.

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