Dec. 99th (Yasiin Bey & Ferrari Sheppard) Return w/ Stark "Hymn"

Dec. 99th (Yasiin Bey & Ferrari Sheppard) Return w/ Stark "Hymn"

Ferrari Sheppard Details Work w/ Yasiin Bey, Plans For Future Projects As December 99th

Yasiin Bey sightings are few and far between these days. But his Dec. 99th collaborations with activist, journalist and newfound producer Ferrari Sheppard have proven to be one of the few places we can still hear the artist FKA Mos Def in his most unfettered, unhinged state.

Over the last few months, Dec. 99th has revealed a grip of new material, which could prove to be the bones of what will make up the body to Yasiin’s supposed “final album,” as he professed in a statement that announced his retirement from entertainment back in February via Sheppard’s site, A Country Called Earth. Today a new offering has arrived from the somewhat enigmatic duo, with the release of “Hymn,” which is as stark and minimalistic as anything we’ve heard from the pair. Sheppard provides the suite, Yasiin the lyrical barbs, contemplating spirituality in the digital age.

It’s a tuff-as-hell offering that should be added to anyone’s rotation for the day. Stream it down below and watch out for more from Dec. 99th in the weeks and months ahead. We may just see a full-project from the team by year’s end.

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