David Banner Performs "Evil Knievel" For The First Time Live In ATL w/ Sa-Roc

OKP Premiere: David Banner Performs "Evil Knievel" For The First Time Live In ATL w/ Sa-Roc

Mississippi Representative & Revolutionary MC David Banner Hit The Stage In ATL For A Surprise Performance Of His New Single "Evil Knievel" On The Nebuchadnezzar Tour With Sa-Roc.

Mississippi representative and revolutionary MC David Banner recently hit the stage in Atlanta for a surprise performance of his fiery new single “Evil Knievel.” Joining rising MC Sa-Roc for the southeast leg of her ongoing Nebuchadnezzar Tour, the living legend debuted the single onstage for the first time ever with a set that was as crunk as it was charismatic. David Banner makes his message abundantly clear as he rails against the powers that be and the continued systematic oppression of people of color. Beginning at the top of a long list, Banner emphasizes his beef with everything from the hypocrisy that exists in the nation’s highest office to the suffering endemic to abject poverty; “folks still scraping trying to find them some socks and draws.” The performance shot by ATL filmmaker W. Feagins Jr. follows the release of Banner’s single and Sa-Roc’s recent videos for “G-Train” and “Lost Sunz.” Check the footage below to watch the exclusive video of the performance. Purchase “Evil Knievel” via iTunes. Grab Sa-Roc’s Nebuchadnezzar LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.

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