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OKP Premiere: Sa-Roc Brings God Hop To Common & Jay Electronica’s “Kingdom”

OKP Premiere: Sa-Roc Brings God Hop To Common & Jay Electronica’s “Kingdom”

OKP Premier: Sa-Roc Brings God Hop To Common & Jay Electronica's "Kingdom"

Atlanta’s femme fatale Sa-Roc adds some fiery verbal to Common and Jay Electonica‘s “Kingdom,” bringing her God Hop to a proper rework of the anthemic number. The Goddess MC puts on a powerful display microphone mastery, particularly in the light of recent tragedies and our utter failure to bring those responsible to justice. It’s our second offering from her forthcoming mixtape The Legend Of Black Moses (out December 25th) following the release of “G-Train” a few weeks back. What’s more, fellow ATLiens can catch her opening up for Com and Jay Elec tonight at The Tabernacle and bear witness to this seismic new force in socially sharp hip-hop. You can lay your ears on Sa-Roc’s remix of “Kingdom” and your eyes on the lyrics below. Hit the link to grab tickets for tonight’s show and pick up a copy of her NEBUCHADNEZZAR LP on iTunes today.

>>>Purchase Tickets To Sa-Roc, Common & Jay Electronica At The Tabernacle 

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“What if I told you that the meek shall inherit the earth?
The weak will be delivered and defeat shall be the Devils curse.
You might laugh it off and say I’m dreaming, that’ll never work.
They’ve called us the forgotten since the days of cotton peddlers.
And God don’t even look like us, why you think he’d even care?
Why he drop us in the belly of the beast and leave us there?
Imma tell u once and see what the truth finna do for us.
Just stop being human and be muh effin luminous.
Then Lucifer would have to bow down to the swarthy hue in us.
Blinded by the light til the darkness comes and consumes of us.
Right down to your nucleus, dark matter and Sufi dust pardon me while this royal make it reign on your cumulus.
Humility don’t suit me well, my tribe write in hieroglyphs with a spray can in the midst of hell.
This scribe write ghetto parables like Aesop for the infidels.
Peace to the original man for being the last standing.
Burning Babylon til the tower fell-a crash landing.”


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