Dam-Funk Shows What's In His Bag

Go Crate-Digging w/ Dam-Funk & Get Schooled On All Things Boogie

Go Crate-Digging w/ Dam-Funk & Get Schooled On The Boogie

Few record collectors have been as open and cordial about their hauls as the mighty Dam-Funk. He’s already let us peer into his titanic home collection in an intimate segment with Boiler Room, but today, the captain of the modern funk army is providing us with a thorough dissertation in all things boogie in the latest installment of Amoeba‘s What’s In My Bag?. After scouring the legendary San Fran institution for its hidden gems, Dam pulls us into the back room to share an unparalleled sense of history when it comes to disco and boogie cuts, unveiling records from Dazz Banda grip of lesser-known east and west coast funk outfits and, of course, Princecopping the legend’s 1980 breakout release Dirty Mind and explaining in effortless detail how and why it was the one that put The Kid on the map. All of this stands as a perfect appetizer for Dam’s forthcoming Invite The Light LP, where you’ll see all of his influences at work. The record drops this Friday, September 4th via Stones Throw and is available for you to preorder on iTunes today. Hop into Dam-Funk’s bag below, just be sure to have a pen and paper on deck, you’ll want to do the R&D with this one.

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