Solange's Latest Album Is Being Developed Into A Syllabus

Check Out This Course Syllabus On Solange's Masterpiece 'A Seat At The Table'

by Abel Shifferaw
January 25, 2017 9:45 PM

Solange Shares 112 Pages Of Photos, Lyrics And Liner Notes For Her New Album

Solange‘s stellar record A Seat at the Table is now heading to academia. A group of professors and students at Wake Forest University, including Melissa Harris-Perry, are in the process of curating a course syllabus based on Solange’s album. The syllabus is collaborative, with a call for submissions from women of color ages 16-30 to help form and guide the course. Submissions for the syllabus can include “texts, music/audio, art, and other creative mediums.” The deadline to submit is January 31, 2017. The course syllabus is titled “A Seat at the Table Syllabus: The Truths of Young Women of Color.” The syllabus has been divided into five categories, which include: “Resisting Racism,” “Understanding Gender and Sexuality,” “The Role of Relationships,” “Nurturing Ourselves,” and “A Seat at the Lunch Table.”  The description for the syllabus begins:

“Solange Knowles’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ has been one of the most reflective and popular albums produced by a young black woman that speaks to issues of race, womanhood, and equality. At the beginning this new year, and as we witness the inauguration of a new president we invite young women of color, ages 16-30, to have a seat at the table by helping us collect the texts, music, and visual art that speak to our experiences. If we are to have a democracy in which all of us have a seat at the table, we know that these experiences should be central to the development of America’s practices and policies.”

Speaking of academia, tomorrow, Solange will speak at a conference being held at Yale University discussing the legacy of Prince and David Bowie. The conference is titled “Blackstar Rising & the Purple Reign.” The roundtable Solange will be speaking at, which is titled “Everybody Still Wants to Fly,” is sold out.

Head to the “A Seat at the Table Syllabus: The Truths of Young Women of Color” website for more details.

H/T: Pitchfork

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