Check Out Aminé's Bouncy New Track "Baba"


It ain't a secret that Aminé, pronounced "uh-mean-aye," a rapper from Portland, Oregon is lightweight (perhaps heavyweight) blowing up.

The track "Caroline" is an equally fun and infectious song bubbling with the sunshine of an especially bright sunset, the kind that arrives on a day spoiled by clouds, the glistening rays a welcome transition into a Friday night. "Caroline," as of this writing, has garnered over twenty six million plays on Soundcloud and is perched comfortably at number twenty five on the Billboard Hot 100. If you haven't already, peep the video for "Caroline" below. A while back Aminé dropped Calling Brio an upbeat project with multiple tracks produced by Kaytranada.

Since then the production has taken a more mellow, yet just as danceable, sound that is on full display in Aminé's newly released song "Baba." The track continues on the sound trajectory established with "Caroline," playful and catchy. Aminé, who is Ethiopian, takes a break from English towards the end of the song, switching to Amharic to spit some game. Listen to Aminé's new track "Baba" below and be on the lookout for more from the west coast rapper.

Aminé Tour Dates:

December 8th @ S.O.B.'s, New York, NY

December 20th @ Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA

December 27th @ Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, OR