Chaos & Disorder: Youtube Music Awards Wrap Up

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Those that witnessed the unscripted madness of the inaugural Youtube Music Awards bore witness to a spectacle of unparalleled proportion. Hosted by the human synthesizer Reggie Watts and Wes Anderson’s golden-boy Jason Schwartzman, the manic show was directed by Spike Jonze, but wasn’t the most organized distribution of superlatives we’ve ever seen. Glitches and clutter were the two strongest characteristics of the show, however it did sport some more than memorable moments chronicling the come-up of the platform and the named/nameless fruits of that transcendence, not mention live one-off music videos from Arcade Fire, Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler The Creator, Eminem, M.I.A, and Lady Gaga. So without further adieu, here’s our round up the most compelling and chaotic highlights from the show.

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