Cee Lo Green Surprises Fans w/ TV On The Radio Concept LP

Cee Lo Green Surprises Fans w/ 'TV On The Radio' LP [Stream]

Cee Lo Green Surprises Fans With The Brand New 'TV On The Radio' LP - A 9-Track Homage To Some Of The Most Popular TV Theme Songs.

Cee Lo Green returns after a lull with a surprise for fans in the form of the brand new TV On The Radio LP – a 9-track homage to some of the most popular TV theme songs. The concept project packs in the nostalgia with reworks of the themes from Taxi, Knight Rider, Family Ties, Peanuts and more. Fans of Lo’s soaring soul vocal and the feverish pace of his best party tracks are likely to eat this up. Hopefully this joint is the appetizer ahead of a bigger project from Cee Lo in 2015. Check out the tracks below to stream the TV On The Radio LP. Stay tuned for more from Cee Lo Green.

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