Captain Murphy Makes Menacing Return With 'Crowned'

Captain Murphy Makes Menacing Return With "Crowned"


The last time Flying Lotus gave us a taste of his eccentric, rapping alter ego Captain Murphy, was over four years ago with the mixtape Duality. Towards the end of 2015 he confirmed that we would be getting some new Captain Murphy in 2016, and now looks like he has acted on his word.

As a part of the Adult Swim Singles Program this year, FlyLo just inveiled new Captain Murphy track “Crowned,” and it’s true to form of what we’ve come to expect from the rapping madman.

The track begins with a car being revved up as menacing sounds slowly build a beat. Dissonant piano keys hit hard against punchy snares, leading to Captain Murphy’s low pitched delivery. “This the kind of night that feels perfect for some mischief,” the rapper declares, sending the track into a dark, head nodding abyss. The track can be listened to as well as downloaded from Adult Swim’s website.

2016 has been a busy year for Flying Lotus, as he steadily continues to make moves. His Brainfeeder label now has a film imprint, through which he and business partner Eddie Alcazar has released film short Royal, and will release a feature film titled Kuso.

“Eddie and I started Brainfeeder Films with the intention to produce and support influential and experimental entertainment for film and music fans around the world,” Flying Lotus said in a report from Variety. “I’ve always wanted Brainfeeder to be a home for emerging artists, creative talent, and filmmakers who are looking to work outside the traditional studio and independent distribution systems.”

Along with that, he recently hosted a Brainfeeder Los Angeles showcase that arguably included one of the best live performance moments of the year: Thundercat jamming with Michael McDonald. Needless to say, FlyLo is doing a lot at once, and we’re excited for all of it.

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