Listen To Brady Watt ft. Smoke DZA - "Minds Of The Future"

Brady Watt Drops New Track "Minds Of The Future" ft. Smoke DZA

Brady Wyatt Minds Of The Future Smoke Dza Cover Large

New York City-based bassist and producer extraordinaire Brady Watt keeps delivering the goods. After the news just dropped that Watt would be joining DJ Premier‘s live band, Watt has now rolled out “Minds of the Future,” a slice of of hip-hop that comes across like a chopped-up wild west dream.

Brady Watt’s partner in crime, in this case, is MC Smoke DZA, whose barbed wire brag rapping is in this case a perfect foil for Watt’s artsy, instrumental production. “Minds of the Future” is powered by programmed drums, but it’s also shaped by Watt’s keen bass and guitar work, with everything hinging on a single creeping minor melody befitting of a Morricone spaghetti western. Both aggressive and soothing, Watt’s production deploys wild octave shifts and even a here-and-there xylophone to add to the drama. When Smoke finally does makes his entrance, after nearly a full minute of all-beat introduction, he right away shouts out Watts’s work. “I ain’t gotta say much, cause the beat say everything for me.”

“Minds of the Future” is the third single off of Watts’s upcoming LP Lifetronics, which drops February 12th. You can preorder the album here, and in the meantime take a repeat listen to recent singles “Thunderman” (which features Talib Kweli and NIKO) and “Natural,” both of which feature Watts’s bass/guitar sensibilities and will be featured on Lifetronics.

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