Nashville Black Lives Matter Activists Demand Gov. Bill Haslam Grant Cyntoia Brown Clemency

Watch Nashville Black Lives Matter Activists Demand Gov. Bill Haslam Grant Cyntoia Brown Clemency

The Story Of Cyntoia Brown, A Child Sex Slave Imprisoned For Killing Her Abuser, Has Resurfaced

Source: PBS

The Tennessee Supreme Court recently declared that Cyntoia Brown wouldn’t be eligible for release until she served 51 years in prison.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam was confronted by Nashville Black Lives Matter activists in regards to granting clemency for Cyntoia Brown, the Nashville woman who was imprisoned at the age of 16 for killing a child predator who paid her for sex.

In a report from the Tennessean, during an event on higher education at the Nashville Public Library, Haslam was asked about Brown and the possibility of granting her clemency, to which he responded: “We are reviewing every aspect of it, just like we are with several other… similar cases.”

After answering the question, a group of Black Lives Matter activists demanded the governor grant clemency to Brown immediately.

In video taken from the education event, activists can be seen chanting “What do we want? Clemency! When do we want it? Now!” for Brown. Haslam isn’t seen in the video but his voice can be heard responding to the chants.

Justin Lang, an organizer of the group who asked Haslam if he would grant Brown clemency, said they showed up at the education event because Brown has earned a higher education degree while in prison.

“Gov. Haslam has six weeks left in his tenure, and we will ensure he does it during his time,” Lang said.

Haslam leaves office on January 19 so he has until then to decide on what he’s going to do for the case.

Several days ago, the Tennessee Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Brown will not be eligible for release until she serves 51 years in prison. Brown has served 14 years so far.

Prior to this, the Tennessee Prison Parole Board had offered a divided response to granting Brown clemency. Two members were for letting Brown out, two other members were recommending to keep her in jail and two members wanted her conviction to second-degree murder with a 25 year sentence and eligibility for parole after 25 years.

Source: Tennessean

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