Bandcamp Announces On-Site Live Streaming Platform

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Bandcamp will waive site fees on tickets until March 2021 to support independent artists.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, independent music platform Bandcamp has raised the stakes for many displaced artists. On Tuesday, the platform announced Bandcamp Live, an integrated live streaming feature for the members. Until March 2021, the site has waived its 10 percent ticket fees. So until then, artists will receive 100% of the money from sales.

“When the pandemic eliminated a major source of musicians’ income, we immediately began working on ways to help the artists and labels on Bandcamp,” Ethan Diamond said in a statement. “We started with Bandcamp Fridays, a day each month where we waive our revenue share, and so far those have raised $35 million in just 8 days (that’s in addition to the $126 million fans have paid artists since the pandemic began). Bandcamp Live is the next step in our effort to help our community thrive during this crazy time.”

Folk singer David Allred got things started with a show on Tuesday. Chris Farren and Brin have forthcoming shows on Friday and Saturday.

“Streaming will never replace the experience of in-person performances,” Diamond continued. “We believe it’s the next best thing, and will provide artists with a powerful tool to build and connect with their fans both now, and when COVID is behind us and we’re all out enjoying the magic of live music once again.

Bandcamp Live will also feature a mid-stream chat for fans to discuss the show. Merch table purchases will appear in the chat, encouraging users to support their favorite artists.


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