Bad Brains Frontman H.R. To Undergo Brain Surgery This Month

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Bad Brains Frontman H.R. To Undergo Brain Surgery This Month

Bad Brains Frontman H.R. To Undergo Brain Surgery This Month

UPDATE: H.R. is currently recovering from brain surgery. he underwent yesterday (February 21). H.R.’s wife Lori Carns Hudson took to Facebook to write the following update: “Thank you for your many, many prayers! Surgery went well and he looks good. Now the recovery begins.”

Bad Brains frontman H.R. will undergo brain surgery some time this month, according to a report from Loudwire.

The artist has endured extreme headaches throughout the past several years of his life, as a result of suffering from SUNCT (a rare neurological disorder that tends to cause sporadic and painful headaches). Last year, a GoFundMe page was made by H.R.’s caregiver and wife, Lori, in hopes of raising money to treat the diagnosis.

“To give you an idea of what he’s dealing with, the headaches are nicknamed ‘Suicide Syndrome,'” Lori wrote on the page. “The headaches come randomly, with no warning, at all hours of the day and night; but for him, they are much worse at night. The intensity of the nighttime headaches is so great that he yells, cries out, groans, and sobs — repeatedly, every few minutes, for most of the night.”

Ultimately, the page surpassed its goal of $15,000, having earned over $16,000 in 10 months.

We would like to wish H.R. our prayers and thoughts as he undergoes surgery this month. Following the treatment hopefully we will get the chance to hear a healthy and rejuvenated H.R. with the rest of the Bad Brains at some point in the foreseeable future.

During a Q&A session that followed after a showing of his Finding Joseph I documentary in New York last week, H.R. announced that he and the band were going to try and get together some time in the fall of this year to work on new music.

“Tell us about what you’ve been talking to Dr. Know and Darryl about,” Howie Abrams, who co-wrote the Finding Joseph I: An Oral History Of H.R. from Bad Brains companion book to the documentary, said to H.R.

“Well what I’ve been talking to Doc and Darryl about was if they’d like to come together in the fall,” H.R. responded.

“You maybe didn’t hear it here first, but you heard it here early,” Abrams said. “It looks like there’s going to be some new Bad Brains music this fall, and maybe some shows.”

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