Black Roommate Of The Austin Bomber Was Held Overnight By Police

Black Roommate Of The Austin Bomber Was Held Overnight By Police

Black Roommate Of Austin Bomber Was Held Overnight By Police

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A roommate of the Austin bomber was taken into custody by SWAT officers and held overnight until the suspect blew himself up.

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In a report from the Associated Press, 26-year-old Collin Thomas, who is black, was returning to the house he and another man shared with serial bombing suspect Mark Conditt, when a group of officers “flew at him.”

According to Thomas’ mother Jennifer Withers, her son was questioned about the bombings and was released after Conditt died. The other roommate that lived with Thomas and Withers was also brought in and questioned. Anna Sabana, a spokesperson for Austin Police said that neither roommate had been charged in regards to the bombings.

The house that the three lived in was being renovated by Conditt and his father. Withers said that Thomas and Conditt “seemed to get along fine,” adding “Collin said they all would sit around and chat and talk.”

Conditt was responsible for fiveĀ bombs that have killed two people and injured four others throughout Austin, Texas. A standoff occurred between the 24-year-old white male and officers at a hotel in Round Rock, Texas, where he ended upĀ detonating a bomb inside his vehicle and killing himself.

The Austin police and the FBI had been trying to track Conditt since March 2 when his first bomb detonated.

Source: AP News

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