Audio: DOOMSTARKS – Swift & Changeable: The Prequel [Mixtape]

anto F*ck a hip hop. I take your wristwatch.

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Before you get your panties wet, be advised that this isn’t the official DOOMSTARKS album we’ve all been waiting on (and some might have given up on) for what seems like multiple eternities. But the folks at HHIR have done us the favor of compiling a mixtape of highlights from both MF DOOM’s and Ghostface Killah’s back catalogs, including all the previously released collaborations from our favorite masked avengers.

Download the compilation below and peep the tracklist after the jump. And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed for the official version of Swift & Changeable.


Swift & Changeable: The Prequel Tracklist:
01. Moment Of Triumph [Intro]
02. It Ain’t Nuttin’
03. Slept On Tony
04. Gazzillion Ear
05. Clipse Of Doom feat. Trife Da God
06. Hold On To
07. Apollo Kids feat. Raekwon
08. A Personal Score [Skit]
09. Lickupon
10. Alex [Stolen Script]
11. Underwater
12. Monday Night At Fluid
13. Return Of The Iron Man
14. Guns N’ Razors
15. Vaudeville Villain
16. Belt Holders feat. Raekwon
17. All Outta Ale
18. 9 Milli Bros. feat. Wu-Tang Clan
19. Dead Bent
20. I Can’t Go To Sleep feat. Isaac Hayes
21. Marvel feat. RZA
22. Cellz feat. Mr. Chop
23. Helpless Fools [Hurricane Mix]
24. The Mic feat. Raekwon
25. Beef Rapp
26. Sniper Elite
27. Murder Goons
28. Victory Laps
29. The Mask
30. A Word Of Advice
31. Angels
32. Excelsior! feat. Stan Lee [Outro]

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