And Now, Donald Trump Getting Booed as He Approaches The Voting Booth

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was met with predictable levels of vitriol as he approached his voting booth this morning in NYC. Truth be told, we all saw it coming. Mere mention of his name in the city that houses a glaring amount of buildings that bear his condemnable name typically insights the type of reactions usually seen between Yankees and Mets fans. But as we gear up for what will either amount to certain imminent doom (or just long-game doom) there might be no better way to lift your spirits from its current nadir of anxiety, fear and hopelessness. Hopefully the clouds part tonight as we announce the 45th president of the United States, for better or worse.

And if it all plays out in a manner that doesn't resemble the shit-show circus this election season has revealed itself to be, this is the last time I ever have to type this demon's name out (praise hands emoji x 1000). Have a brief moment of relief and watch Donald Trump get the welcome he deserves in the clip below, and please, for the sake of all this is still good in this world, get out there and vote today.