For The Sake of All That is Still Good in The World, Please Vote on Election Day

For The Sake of All That is Still Good in The World, Please Vote on Election Day

by zo
November 07, 2016 4:47 PM

For The Sake of All That is Good in The World, Please Vote on Election Day

Tomorrow’s the day. The one when you and millions of others line up to cast your ballot in what is perhaps the most impactful (and seemingly hopeless) election in our country’s history. What’s at stake you ask? Only the end of the world as we know it (perhaps both figuratively and literally, cue: Michael Stipe’s warbled 90s hook). And trust we know that neither candidate is ideal, but they never are, and one particular red-headed step child with a yuge mouth and tiny toy hands seems intent to make sure his “great” America is one that’s overwhelmingly rich, white and male (with those latter demographics being his favorite pandering points). The entertainment industry’s finest are out here making sure the word gets out, but more importantly, that you follow through with your Constitutional duty. And it’s honestly the only thing that the Bill of Rights actually requires of you; for you to be an active participant in this here Democracy thing. And that means voting.

If that’s not enough to get you out of the house into the booth, we implore you to merely ponder what a Drumpf presidency might mean to future generations. Which is to say, do you really want to live in his “great” white America, or are you willing suspend your suspicions just for a moment (or as long as it actually takes to complete the process) to ensure we don’t get there? Listen, we’re not saying that HRC doesn’t have her own shortcomings or cause for worry or that she’s the end all be all solution to the nation’s ills. But it really does come down to what kind of country you want to hand over to the next of kin. So whether you plan on voting Demo-Crip, Re-Blood-ican or Green (no snazzy hip-hop reference for third party candidates here, unfortunately,) for the sake of all that is still good in this world, please just make sure you get out there and vote this Election Day. And don’t just pencil in red or blue down the line in local elections either. Get online and do the damn research. Know the policies and bills you’re voting to enact. Make yourself accountable for those policies. 10, 20 years down the line when we’re looking back at nothing but scorched earth, at least you’ll know you didn’t light the match.



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