Action Bronson Explores The Joy Of Truffles On "F*ck, That's Delicious"

Action Bronson Fuck That's Delicious Truffles

Action Bronson's appreciation for food and the finer culinary arts is a well-documented fact. Need proof? You need only look at his own lyrics ("Rosemary on the strip loin," anyone?). The man's gastronomic passion is at the center of his Munchies series "Fuck, That's Delicious," and in a brand new installment of the show, Bron-Bron travels to New York fine dining spot Per Se to learn about the savory, luxurious secrets of truffles.

The episode opens with Bronson taking a nice long truffle-sniff, and then quickly we're off to visit Urbani Truffles in New York City with Bronson's own good friend, a self-proclaimed "truffle hustler."

"Once you taste the real thing, there's nothing like it. It's unexplainable, it's uncomparable--incomparable, whatever the fucking word is," Bronson tells us, even before he dives beard-first into a bundle of fresh white truffles. Bronson's confidant explains the rate at which white truffles can grow over night, and how they go for $1200 per pound. Shit is really real out here in the truffle shuffle scuffles.

Watch the full episode below, and if you haven't indulged in the delectable goods of Bronson's previous FTD adventures, check em out here.