Bronx Co-op City
Bronx Co-op City
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155 People Have Died From COVID-19 In A Single Housing Development In The Bronx

Roughly 4,300 Bronx residents have reportedly died from COVID-19.

155 people have reportedly died due to the coronavirus in the nation's largest housing development located in the Bronx, Co-op City. 

In a Daily Mail report, statistics show that the borough recently has coped with nearly twice as many deaths and infections than any other part of New York City. Additionally, about 4,300 of the 1.4 million Bronx residents have died from COVID-19, in comparison to 2,800 of Manhattan’s 1.6 million residents. 

Data released on Monday notes that Co-op City, has been stricken with over 150 deaths within the zip code that covers the whole complex. That is roughly 1 in every 282 residents. 43,000 residents live within the development’s 35 towers and seven townhouse clusters reports the Daily Mail. 92 percent of the residents are non-white and it’s also home for one of the nation’s largest elderly communities. According to ABC, 12,000 of the Co-op City habitants are over 60 years old.

JASA, a New York organization that runs three community centers for seniors in Co-op City had to completely shut down amid the pandemic. Its co-chief program officer, Amy Chalfy shared the following on how they’re coping with COVID-19: Of course COVID-19 exacerbates vulnerabilities, she said. “And in some ways, because the Co-op City community of older adults is so active, it’s even harder for them not to be continuing to be active and out in the community.”

On Wednesday, during a press conference, Governor Andrew Cuomo shared minority communities including those at Co-op City are on the “frontlines of the outbreak.” Cuomo said though the numbers city-wide are “headed in the right direction,” data is showing individuals living in neighborhoods that are experiencing high poverty are more than twice as likely to die of coronavirus than neighborhoods with low poverty. 

We previously reported COVID-19 is killing African Americans at higher rates in the United States. The Daily Mail also notes Black and Latino New Yorkers “are being disproportionately affected.” Members of these communities are currently dying at twice the rate of white city residents. 

On this subject, Cuomo adds:

“The data shows not just a high positive … but the spread is continuing in those communities and that’s where the new spread is coming. We have the data we have the research and now we have to take the next step … We’re going to focus on public housing.”

Out of 400,000 New York City Housing Association residents, a report shows over 900 people died between March and May 11. There have also been 7,818 cases of coronavirus. Regular cleanings are taking place at Co-op City to address the large number of infections and deaths at the development.