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This Rapper Broke the Guinness World Record With A 33-Hour Freestyle

The session raised money for artists impacted by the pandemic.

San Francisco rapper Watsky made history on Wednesday with a freestyle session that 33 hours, 33 minutes, and 33 seconds. Watsky streamed the event on Twitch to raise money for artists impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. View the full stream on Watsky's Twitch page.

"I'm seeking money to support my musicians and crew from my postponed album tour," he wrote. "And to fund an account for fans in need." The session resulted in $145,509 in donations.

So far, Watsky's raised over $100,000 for event staff who would've worked on his now-postponed album tour. "A portion of funds will also be set aside for Sweet Relief's musicians' fund to support other artists in need. Zero money will be kept by me. The arts community is an ecosystem and if any part of it suffers from the artists to the venues to the promoters and crew and fans--we all suffer for it. Help us spread a little love in our community in these difficult times."

Pablo Alvarez of Miami's Good Bison set the record in August 2017 by rapping for 26 hours, 5 minutes and four seconds. Back in January, Pittsburgh MC FRZY rapped for 31 hours, taking five-minute breaks each hour. Frzy consulted with a speech-language pathologist and sleep specialist. However, the Guinness Book of World Records has not confirmed the record yet.

Watsky announced that he wanted to rap for 33 hours straight earlier in the week. "I am attempting to rap for 33 straight hours to raise money for covid relief," he wrote on Wednesday. "Watch now on my FB, YouTube, or Twitch. If I don't make it tell mom & dad I loved them."


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