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Pittsburgh Rapper Sets Guinness World Record for 31-Hour Freestyle


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He broke the record on the first anniversary of Pittsburgh’s “FRZY Day.”

The city of Pittsburgh added a great number of contributions to hip-hop over the last ten years. That trend continued in the first month of the new decade. Harvey “FRZY” Daniels unofficially set the Guinness world record for longest freestyle rap on Sunday. The feat took place just north of Pittsburgh in the Block Northway Mall.

The rules allowed FRZY to take five-minute breaks each hour, and five-second pauses between lyrics. During his breaks, he consulted with a local speech language pathologist and his own personal sleep doctor. He was not allowed to eat during the performance.

According to Guinness, California rapper Pablo Alvarez previously held the record. Alvarez rapped for 25 hours, 56 minutes, and four seconds straight back in 2017.

FRZY won a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for his part in “The Sweater Sessions,” a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He remade the iconic theme song in collaboration with PBS and local radio station WQED for the project. He spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the project and more.

Over the course of his decade-long career, FRZY has performed alongside some notable names. According to his official bio, he launched his career after winning rap battles at venues like DJ Kay Slay’s ‘Drama Kings’ at NYC’s Pyramid Club. Additionally, he opened alongside Naughty by Nature on Nelly‘s St. Lunatics Tour. In addition to Kay Slay’s event, he appeared on 50 Cent’s ’16 or Better’ cypher series.

SOURCE: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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