Watch Swizz Beatz Remember DMX in an Emotional Tribute

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Swizz Beatz and DMX at Day 3 of the Bacardi House Party in 2015
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“If he didn’t fuck with you, there wasn’t nothing I could do. If he loved you, there wasn’t nothing you could do.”

Safe to say, it’s been a heart-crushing week for anyone and everyone close to DMX. In the hours following the announcement of his commemorations poured out from friends, family, fans, and collaborators. But for Swizz Beatz, a dear friend who worked closely with the late rapper, the loss was a particularly heavy tragedy to endure. Friday night, the producer shared a short video of a joyful X singing mid-flight. And this afternoon, Swizz opened up about his relationship with X in an emotional tribute to the Yonkers rap legend.

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you for all the prayers and the blessings for my brother,” the producer said in the heartfelt eight-minute clip. “My brother was a different type of brother. Different type of artist. Different type of creative. Different type of spirit. Different type of zone. Different type of soul. Since the day that I met him, he lived his life for everyone else,” Swizz added while fighting off tears. “I never seen him live his life for his self. You ain’t never seen DMX with a Lamborghini. You ain’t never seen my brother with a Rolls Royce. You ain’t never seen him iced out with no jewelry. He did not care about any of that,” the producer continued.

“That man suffered everyday. That man suffered from the day that [I met] him. When y’all heard that first song he was suffering. He took everybody’s pain and made it his. His humanitarian work should be celebrated. He was in so much pain that he would go to jail to have his freedom. He would go to jail to escape his pain,” Swizz went on, speaking to X’s values and the strength of his character.

“My brother was one-of-one. None before and none to come. If ain’t fuck with you, there was nothing I could do. But if he loved you, there wasn’t nothing you could do,” the producer concluded as he began describing a dream he had the night before in which he gained some closure over the rapper’s death.

Watch Swizz Beatz put one up for DMX in the video below.


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