Teyana Taylor Says She's Putting Out a More Complete Version of Her Album
Teyana Taylor Says She's Putting Out a More Complete Version of Her Album

Teyana Taylor Says That She is Releasing an Updated Version of 'K.T.S.E.'

Expect a new version of K.T.S.E.

Kanye West's GOOD Music strategy was simple but ambitious; five Kanye-produced seven-track albums over five consecutive weeks. There were a couple of delays, but for the most part Kanye and his crew Pusha-T, Kid Cudi,Nas, and TeyanaTaylor were able to pull it off.

However, it doesn't seem like everyone was satisfied with the end product. Teyana appeared on Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106 on Tuesday.

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While there she talked about her new album, K.T.S.E., and the delays that occurred. (The album ended up getting released a full 24 hours after the album release party.)

Teyana revealed that the album wasn't ready:

When the album dropped I didn't even know that much stuff wasn't cleared...So when the album dropped, and my friends woke me up like "Yo, the album is out," like, I was excited, but I was also like, "Wait, does that mean they were able to get everything cleared?" It was really just an honest misunderstanding of me thinking maybe some shit happened overnight.

Teyana also said that Kanye, who is the executive producer, was the one that made the decision to release the album as is. Teyana said she would have waited another week.

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On Twitter, Teyana responded to a fan who asked about K.T.S.E.:

An updated version of the album should be out this weekend.