Talib Kweli Takes Aim at Noname for Defending Women Accusing Him of Harassment

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Talib Kweli performs at OZY Fest 2017 in NYC.
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Kweli and the Chicago rapper are trading jabs on social media.

Talib Kweli appears to now be feuding with Noname for supporting the women who accused him of leading a harassment campaign against them last year.

In an Instagram post, Kweli claimed the Telefone rapper had compared him to Tory Lanez without warrant in her defense of Maya A. Moody, the woman who alleged she had been harassed daily for months by not only Kweli, but hundreds of his fans in a coordinated effort that included doxing and continuous death threats. “Last year the rapper No Name compared me to Tory Lanez because she took the word of some stranger on the internet that I ‘harass black women nonstop,'” Kweli wrote in the post on Friday. “No Name is far from the only prominent person who fell for this. Because I defended myself, my family and other hiphop artists families, I was compared to someone who allegedly shot a black woman,” the rapper added.

This note, of course, came to the attention of Noname via Twitter, where Kweli can no longer chime in after being permanently suspended from the social platform for “repeated violations” of their policies during his spat with Moody. “lmao this is a lie. he was harassing a black woman online for like 3 weeks and myself and other women called that shit out. no one called him tory lanez. why are so many men this unwell?” Noname responded on Twitter (see below.) “[I] never called you tory lanez. don’t lie on my name it’s really uncalled for,” the Chicago rapper added in the comment section of Kweli’s post.

In response, Kweli then shared the July 2020 tweet he’d referenced in the prior post, claiming Noname was lying about not comparing him to Lanez. “Praying for Megan and all the Black womxn globally,” the Telefone rapper wrote in the summer 2020 tweet. “Watching Black men joke about her shooting as a call to action to harm more Black women hurts in a way I’m not smart enough to articulate. And the silence from male rappers while Talib Kweli harassed Black women for weeks, disgusting,” she added.

Meanwhile, Moody recently revealed that harassment from Kweli and his fans was ongoing despite his ban from Twitter. “Talib Kweli is still publicly stalking, harassing, slandering and lying on me on every single platform at his disposal both on and offline,” Moody wrote on Twitter (see below.) “It has almost been a full year straight. I am still receiving death, rape and human trafficking threats from his fans everyday. 303 days.”

See it all unfold below.


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