Summer Walker
Summer Walker
(Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Summer Walker Announces Her New Label Imprint Ghetto Earth Records

Walker's Ghetto Earth Records also announced its first signee, NO1-NOAH.

On Wednesday, Summer Walker announced she’s launching her own record label. 

Walker’s label Ghetto Earth Records is a joint venture with Interscope, NO1-NOAH is her first signee. This year alone, the breakout artist rolled out a deluxe, extended version of her critically acclaimed, chart-topping debut album, Over It. Earlier this year, she dropped a new EP, Life On Earth. Both projects feature collaborations from NO1-NOAH. 

When touching on the venture’s name, Walker shared, ‘I came up with Ghetto Earth because earth is ghetto. I don’t wanna be controlling over my artist’s music.” She added, “I want them to be fully involved in everything they put out. I’m just here to support and help them get to wherever it is they’re trying to go in life.”

In a statement, Interscope Records’ Nicole Wyskoarko expressed why Walker is cut out for bringing a label into fruition:

 “Summer is a true visionary. She’s writing her own rules as one of the most talented artists in R&B music today and is now adding entrepreneur to her vast repertoire. Summer brings an unapologetically outspoken and empowering voice to Ghetto Earth and a radically different and much-needed perspective to developing emerging talent such as NO1-NOAH. We are thrilled that Summer has chosen Interscope as Ghetto Earth’s partner and home.”

NO1-NOAH expressed he’s excited to show fans his music and that Summer gets his vision. “She’s really understanding of what a true artist is, as she is one herself. I’m free to create here and it’s always a great feeling as an artist to be able to make music for a team that gets the sound that you’re trying to create.”

You can expect new music from NO1-NOAH as early as Friday, December 11.