SNL Takes on The Virginia Legislature's Blackface Epidemic
SNL Takes on The Virginia Legislature's Blackface Epidemic
Source: Youtube

Watch 'SNL' Take on The Virginia Legislature's Blackface Epidemic

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"I’d advise you all to delete any Facebook photo labeled 'Halloween' and hope for the best."

In the last week or so, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has admitted, denied, then admitted again, to wearing blackface, as a photo surfaced from his medical school yearbook, featuring a man dressed in a hooded KKK robe chumming it up with another man dressed in blackface.

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In the days since his confusing round of ambivalence, Northam refused to acknowledge that he was either of the people in the photo, but confessed to donning shoe polish to participate in a dance competition as Michael Jackson. Just days after that, VA state attorney general Mark Herring also admitted to polishing his face to dress as Kurtis Blow. All of which begs the question: is there an elected official in the state's legislature that hasn't worn blackface in the last 30 years? And last night's episode of Saturday Night Live attempted to get to the bottom of the matter.

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With Kenan Thompson leading an intervention styled summit of state representatives, Thompson's chair of the ethics committee learned the cold gospel. One after the other, state officials one-upped each other, raising their hands to admit the increasingly ridiculous circumstances under which they thought it was appropriate to be patently racist, even out of reverence for whoever they were impersonating. Once the entire room had fessed up, Thompson threw his hands to the air and simply advised his constituents to "delete any Facebook photo labeled "Halloween" and hope for the best."

Watch Saturday Night Live take on the Virginia legislature's blackface epidemic below.