Twitter Discussion Comparing Sade And Jhene Aiko Is Proof We’re Losing Our Minds

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Twitter Discussion Comparing Sade And Jhene Aiko Is Proof We're Losing Our Minds
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Why come for Sade?

Hot takes are abundant and never-ending on Twitter. From terrible best rappers lists to people debating between Quincy Jones and Kanye West, if you’re looking for questionable opinions on just about anything — but especially music — you’re bound to find it on Twitter. Case in point? Someone basically implying that Sade is overrated.

It all began when Twitter user @KammyTaughtYou tweeted, “TL sleep? Y’all give Sade a lot,” which was followed up with, “Sade is thin & light skinned & was humming on them tracks. At least Jhené gives us DRAMA.”

Unsurprisingly, the tweets set a part of Twitter ablaze, with a handful of people responding to Kammy’s tweets and taking offense to her comparing the “Smooth Operator” singer and Jhené Aiko.

Sade even became a trending topic off the initial tweet, with Halle Berry even participating in the discussion.

Comparisons like this make me think of the meme format where someone pits two artists against each other, and they say that one could’ve did what the other artist did but not vice-versa. Comparing the two artists isn’t something I’d ever do (and before you ask — yes, I’m team Sade) but I feel that idea goes for the both of them. Aiko could never do “The Sweetest Taboo” but Sade could never have given us “eat the booty like groceries.” Sure, maybe there’s an alternate universe where such things actually exist, and we’re arguing in favor of Aiko instead of Sade. But, we enjoy them both because they convey love and heartbreak in a way that is true to them and is relatable. However, with that said, I’m sure Aiko wouldn’t pit herself against the singer, and would instead point you to this video of her paying homage to Sade by covering her song “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.”

Nevertheless, people have their right to offer whatever hot takes they want, even when it probably should’ve just stayed as a draft or in a group chat. At the very least, hopefully we’re now all starting our Mondays off with some Sade, and staying away from social media for a little bit.



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