Pusha-T Talks About Teyana Taylor Album
Pusha-T Talks About Teyana Taylor Album
Source: Apple Music

Pusha-T Talks About Getting Angry Calls From Teyana Taylor About 'K.T.S.E.' Confusion

Pusha-T Talks About Teyana Taylor Album Source: Apple Music

Pusha talks all things G.O.O.D. Music related

Two weeks ago, Teyana Taylorannounced that she was releasing an updated version of her sophomore album, K.T.S.E. That version would include Sade and Lauryn Hill samples left off the album that was released on June 22nd.

However, that update never came. And Taylor went on Twitter to say that there won't be an updated album. But she will have visuals where she will debut the "extended records."

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It doesn't seem like things are all the way G.O.O.D. with Teyana.

Pusha-Trecently sat down with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1 on Apple Music. Pusha spent a good amount time talking about Teyana Taylor and some of the confusion and frustration around the album.

Speaking about Teyana, Pusha said:

I caught one of them phone calls, you know T’s just really passionate man, she’s just really passionate. T also has what we call ‘demo-itus’...P: Demo-itus is when you record a record and you begin to love the record as it is and then somebody comes and changes something within the record and then you can’t hear it another way. We all suffer from it. You know she hears it one way, it was recorded one way and then you know, Ye (Kanye) may add a sound or three, or add a sample or things that may change the dynamic in her mind to not what it was, what she was married too. So I feel like T is super passionate man, but the good part about it is, T also knows what she wants…

Teyana doesn’t talk calm, she doesn’t do things like that, it’s ramped up. It may start off calm, it tries, and then you know. ‘Yo my nigga look, yo what you doing is you not listening to me, see you like everybody else, you not listening either.’ And I’m like yo T what’s wrong with you I’m riding with you, what’s wrong sis?… When it comes to everybody like I’m really the one who like mediates and I’m really in-between everybody, so it’s never me, I’m the bothersome one. I’m the bothersome one when the project isn’t done.

The rapper also revealed that K.T.S.E. is his favorite album out of all of the G.O.O.D. Music Releases:

Teyana is my favourite… People don’t know that my love for R&B is like, London, London R&B, the R&B that I used to hear when I’d come over here and it was like Garage, but they used to have like amazing women singing and I’d never knew who they were. They used to like sing really really ill over these beats and it was crazy but umm that’s why London sort of became one of my favourite cities and it’s just that whole R&B vibe, I love R&B music. I love the writing that goes into R&B music, more so the writing when the writings like good and hits you right here. It’s dope, more so than the melodies for me.

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The rapper also talked about Kanye West's idea of doing 52 albums in 52 weeks, a potential G.O.O.D Music tour, and more. Check out the interview below.