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Pras On The Fugees Biggest Music Moments And Recording 'The Score'

In a new feature, Pras details the Fugees' largest accomplishments and also significant music moments that stood out to him over the years as a part of the successful trio.

Pras is setting the record straight on some of the biggest moments he’s experienced with The Fugees and why they reunited in a new interview. 

The supergroup featuring Pras, Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean reunited for a surprise show in New York City recently during this year's Global Citizen Festival. Manhattan’s Pier 17 was blessed with the presence of the trio weeks ago providing a legendary moment for fans of all ages. If you were there you might’ve stood for nearly three hours to take in hits like “Killing Me Softly,” and “Ready Or Not.”

Pras sat down with Vulture to discuss memorable highlights that have stood out to him throughout his career including The Score and beyond. He touched on personal moments ranging from recordings in the studio, to working on his debut solo album. For instance, here’s what he shared on why the group reunited:

“Ms. Hill reached out, and she said, ‘It’s the 25th anniversary.’ She first reached out to, I think, Wyclef and then my boy, Jerry Wonda. He’s like the fourth, hidden Fugee. He reached out to me: ‘Listen, we’re trying to get the band back. How you feel about it?’ I was like, ‘Let’s see what it is.’ I don’t really want to be wasting my time, but I said, ‘Look, it makes sense, let’s see what it is.’ So she’s the one that initiated this whole thing...We were supposed to go to Africa to do the show, but there were last-minute logistical issues. So Global Citizen was gracious enough to put it together. They are one of the most incredible organizations I’ve ever dealt with. Within days, they put the whole Pier 17 show together, which was amazing.”

He also mentioned that his favorite Fugees song and video is “Ready Or Not.” As for the video, he said Marcus Nispel was a great director and he added it was “epic.” Additionally, he shared it was the first million-dollar video and that it was shot in the back of Universal Studios. 

His thoughts on the most significant parts of recording his debut solo album Ghetto Supastar included that he was pushed to do it by his label. But, the push led to features from Mya and Ol’ Dirty Bastard that he believes stood out on the record. “Mya was great. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, God rest his soul, was incredible. That process was incredible,” he shared. 

Pras also shared his most memorable moment recording The Score:

"I remember Ms. Hill singing 'Killing Me Softly' in the basement, and it was so funny because it was one of the hottest summers, New York in 1995. People were dying because it was so hot. We were really broke at that time. So we had the air conditioner in the basement. It blew cool air when it’s cold outside. When it’s hot out, it blows hot air. Psychologically, it still feels like it’s cooler. I just remember this hot ass air. It was, like, 102 degrees outside, and Ms. Hill is doing the background vocals on 'Killing Me Softly.' It was just kind of the way she was hearing the harmonies. We were playing back Roberta Flack’s album. [Ms. Hill] was like, 'Oh, she’s doing this key right here. Let me go back and do that.' And she’d go back and do it. That’s how she stacked the harmonies. Yo, it was like poetry in motion."

Here's one more moment that stood out, when Pras touched on his friendship with Wyclef and Lauryn. "It’s like being in a room with two titans, man. That’s the best way I can explain it. It’s not easy, but it has some fun moments to it. They were like two gods. Two incredible artists. Ms. Hill is arguably, I think, one of the best female artists in the last 25, 30 years. It’s good to be among them."

He added, "There's something spiritual about it." The Fugees September show at Pier 17 was the kickoff tour stop for a tour that's slated to hit Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta, and more. This was their first time performing since 1996.

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