People are Selling “Holy Grass” from Kanye’s Sunday Service on eBay

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People are Selling "Holy Grass" from Kanye's Sunday Service on eBay
Source: eBay
People are Selling "Holy Grass" from Kanye's Sunday Service on eBay

Source: eBay

A $100 bag of green you can’t smoke.

It appears Kanye isn’t the only one cashing out on Sunday Service. In the week since its Coachella debut, auctions for handfuls of “Holy Grass,” presumably snatched from the festival’s camping grounds during the performance, have been listed on eBay. They’re currently going for between $20 and $500 with little, if any, description (though the seller notes the condition as pre-owned — as opposed to freshly grown? —  grass.)

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In terms of officially sanctioned Sunday Service merch, the rapper’s Easter-exclusive “Church Clothes” collection is also up for objectively heinous amounts of money on the secondhand market. Tees sold for $70 at the festival’s merch stand are currently going for as much as $500. Socks and crewnecks for more than your heart can bear.

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West has been silent since the Sunday performance, where he debuted a pair of new songs in a near-two-hour set. Reception of the performance has been mixed at best, ranging from cautious praise to unconvinced scorn. And there’s still no word on whether YANDHI is real or just another Turbo Grafx 16/Cruel Winter/Throne 2.

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