okay acoustic: Watch Mahalia Perform a Soothing Rendition of “Sober & “Do Not Disturb”

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Watch okay acoustic: mahalia
Source: Okayplayer
Watch okay acoustic: mahalia

Source: Okayplayer

Mahalia blesses us with a soulful performance of “Sober” and “Do Not Disturb” for our latest okay acoustic.

We’re going on almost a year since British singer and songwriter Mahalia put out her last project: her comforting five-track EP Seasons. She has kept herself busy, however, dropping off tender loosies like “Grateful.”

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Even in between projects, Mahalia finds a way to make noise. In our latest episode of Okay Acoustic, Mahalia dropped by the Okay Space and performed “Sober,” her 2017 hit, and “Do Not Disturb,” a loosie she dropped off earlier in the year.

Speaking about “Do Not Disturb,” Mahalia told us:

I feel like phones and social media and everything make breakups so difficult. You can break up with somebody and still see them on 10 different platforms, which to me is so damaging. So when I was writing this song I was saying I’m going to switch my phone off and put myself on no disturb and not let you come into my space.

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Watch Mahalia’s okay acoustic below.

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