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Nicki Minaj Drops Her New Song “Yikes” Despite Rosa Parks Lyric Backlash

Nicki Minaj Drops Her New Song “Yikes” Despite Rosa Parks Lyric Backlash

Nicki Minaj Yikes Cover Art
Photo Credit: YouTube
Nicki Minaj Yikes Cover Art
Photo Credit: YouTube

The track recently received backlash for including a Rosa Parks lyric.

Nicki Minaj has dropped her newest song “Yikes” after receiving backlash for a Rosa Parks lyric featured in the track.

Earlier this week, she shared a short clip of the song via Instagram and was met with support and also fans who weren’t feeling the slick euphemism. On the full version of “Yikes” the line “All you bitches Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your ass up” is still included. 

A TMZ report was unveiled the same day the teaser was released by Nicki sharing that she meant no harm by including the Rosa Parks line. But yesterday, the rapper came forward and shared that the report was false and that she had no clue anyone was mad and didn’t care about social media users’ responses. 

One social media user, @_Twinndiesel wrote the following on Twitter, “Not only is the Nicki Minaj Rosa Parks line disrespectful, it makes no sense. Cause Rosa didnt get up.”

In her latest interview, Nicki candidly broke down details surrounding the single including that it isn’t a single from her upcoming fifth studio album. “It’s not my single, because the single will be launched with the visual. This is a setup song with no video. Please don’t kill me, y’all. You guys asked me to put it out—don’t forget!”

During this same interview, she addressed the recent social media feud with her ex Meek Mill:

“I got hacked this morning, guys. Don’t believe anything you saw. Listen, it never fails. Every time I do it, five minutes later, I’m like, why the fuck did I? Every single time. But it’s a good lesson in knowing how to master your anger and emotions. So, every time I do that, I like give myself a talking to in my head, like, ‘Okay, you played yourself, you shouldn’t have did that. You learned your lesson again.'”

Listen to “Yikes” below.



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