A New Documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Rise and Fall”, is Coming to BBC

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The doc will “not shy away from controversies.”


The BBC announced details of a Michael Jackson documentary called Michael Jackson: The Rise and Fall.

The project, from journalist and MJ expert Jacques Peretti, who has made three other films about the late entertainer, will air on BBC Two later this year. The announcement comes days before the airing of HBO’s controversial doc Leaving Neverland.

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According to Variety, producers said they would “speak to those close to Jackson to “try and unpick the circumstances, controversies and accusations that continue to surround him today in an attempt to better understand the rise and fall of the pop superstar.”

The new film will chronicle Jackson’s life and career from his early years with The Jackson 5 in Gary, Indiana, to his time in New York, relationship with the media, his retreat, and creation of Neverland, and to the preparation of “This Is It” concerts shortly before his death in 2009.

BBC Two chief Patrick Holland told Variety that Peretti came with the idea over a year ago, adding,“We knew it would not shy away from the controversies that surround [Jackson] and would be a thorough look at the many facets of his life that would help us try to understand what made him who he was.”

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Earlier this year, the Michael Jackson Estate sought to take legal action against HBO for Leaving Neverland which focuses on two men’s allegations of sexual abuse by the late artist.

“Michael Jackson: The Rise and Fall” will be Peretti’s fourth film about Jackson following “Michael Jackson: What Really Happened,” “Michael Jackson’s Last Days: What Really Happened,” and “Michael Jackson’s Secret Hollywood.”


Source: Variety

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