“Stay Down,” A Busta Rhymes And Drake Collab Produced By J Dilla, Leaks

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"Stay Down," A Busta Rhymes And Drake Collab Produced By J Dilla, Leaks
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This isn’t the first time Drake has appeared on a J Dilla beat.

A leaked Busta Rhymes and Drake collab produced by the late J Dilla has surfaced online.

As pointed out by HipHop N More, the track, “Stay Down” appeared on SoundCloud Wednesday (June 17).


Busta first talked about the collab back in 2013 when he was label mates with Drake on Cash Money Records.

“I’ve had several conversations about doing records with Drake, we’ve actually been in the studio trying to fuck around,’ he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “…Drake is working on a new album. It’s just hectic, hectic schedules. You can definitely look forward to something eventually coming together, us collaborating. I have something that’s actually halfway done with Drake on a J Dilla beat. It’s incredible.”

“Stay Down” isn’t the first time Drake has appeared on a Dilla beat. The Canadian rapper sampled the late Detroit producer’s track “Time: The Donut of the Heart” on “Where to Now” from his 2007 mixtape Comeback Season.

Back in February, Black Sheep’s Dres annnounced that he had a collaborative album in the works with the late rapper and producer.

“I got this project that I’m dropping this spring,” he said about the album during a show. “It’s by DnD. DnD is Dilla and Dres. I got permission from Ma Dukes to go through like 500 folders of music…Some of this stuff is 15 years old that you haven’t heard, and it’s so far ahead of what it is. So y’all be on the lookout for this project. DnD. The name of the project is called No Words. Dilla and Dres. This spring.”

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