Dr. Dre Announces that Anderson .Paak's New Album is Done

Dr. Dre Announces that Anderson .Paak's New Album is Done

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.Paak album done

In the beginning of the summer, news came out that legendary producer Dr. Dre was mixing Anderson .Paak’s upcoming album Oxnard Ventura.

Well, it’s a celebration. bitches. Because on Wednesday, September 13th, Dr. Dre announced that he has finished mixing the album; Oxnard Ventura is done.

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Dr. Dre made the announcement on his Instagram page.


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Just finished mixing the album. It’s a celebration bitches!!

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Soon after, .Paak confirmed the news by tweeting about the album:

Oxnard Ventura is supported by the single “Bubblin” and the awesome Busta Rhymes remix. All we need is that release date, .Paak.


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