Anderson .Paak Is A Big Spender In New Surreal "Bubblin" Music Video
Anderson .Paak - Bubblin (Official Video)
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Anderson .Paak Is A Big Spender In New Surreal "Bubblin" Music Video

Anderson .Paak is back

It's been two years since Anderson .Paak has put out an album. That's a long time for the usually prolific rapper/singer.  

Well Anderson .Paak is back. He just dropped his new single, called "Bubblin'." He premiered the track on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show on Thursday.

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If you're a Anderson .Paak fan the song should sound familiar. He premiered the song back in Summer 2016 at the Splash! festival in  Germany.

During his interview with Lowe, he talked about the track, and how it came about:

“Bubblin’” is just a whole lot of fun. I had the beat from Jhalil Beats and Antman Wonder. Jhalil sent me a pack of beats, you know 50, 60 beats. I loved them all. I was just writing to all these beats and that was one of them that I just loved off top. It sounded like some black 007 action adventure high speed chase type of music. Originally I was trying to get Lil Sims to rap on it first because she was in the studio too. I remember trying to get other people on it, then eventually I just wrote on it. It took me a couple of days. I did it. I started it in L.A. and I finished it in New York. And it was just one of them ones. It gets the energy going, gets the blood going.

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During the interview he also spoke about Dr. Dre's development with his upcoming album:

He's in there producing beats. He's in there producing melodies, writing, ideas on sequencing, everything. Just the biggest help just having him as the filter, everything. It's like whatever we need. Ideas for the videos, all that. We breaking everything down with the big homie.

.Paak says he has about "65,000 songs in the vault," which seems like an exaggeration. But who knows.

Listen to "Bubblin'" below.