Flying Lotus Discusses How He Met Thundercat And Their First Times Jamming Together

Flying Lotus Discusses How He Met Thundercat And Their First Times Jamming Together

by Elijah C. Watson
December 10, 2018 2:56 PM

Flying Lotus & Thundercat Kick It On Hannibal Buress’ Podcast + Talk Everything From Music To Magic: The Gathering

Photo of Flying Lotus and Thundercat courtesy of YouTube.


Flying Lotus and Thundercat are arguably one of contemporary music’s greatest pairings, the two having collaborated on each other’s albums as well as other projects, like scoring an entire episode of Donald Glover‘s Atlanta TV series.

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In a new interview with The Guardian, FlyLo discusses how he ended up coming to know of Thundercat thanks to mutual friends.

“Musician friends would be like: ‘Oh, man, you have to meet him. You and he would be great friends,'” he said. “We are very similar…We’re both named Steven; we were both born in October, and are both Libras. Both our families are musical, and come from Detroit. We have this kind of discipline about us, but we’re both big geeks too, and follow anime, as well as being big music nerds. It’s crazy.”

He also spoke on the two’s first times jamming together.

“To begin with, I was just interested in him playing on my stuff,” FlyLo said. “Then he was like: ‘I’d rather we work on some of my stuff.’ And I was like: ‘Ah, [pause] yeah, we can do that.'”

Elsewhere in the interview, FlyLo also speaks on working with Tyler, the Creator, before the artist’s rise to fame.

“I remember showing him some records and saying we could make one. The idea of him having his own music on vinyl blew his mind. I thought that was so sweet,” he said. “…he’s definitely difficult to deal with, but he’s also smart, brilliant. He’s a very clever guy. He’s just got a short attention span.”

FlyLo also talks about making music with Kendrick Lamar and how the rapper almost didn’t let him have the song “Never Catch Me” for his 2014 album You’re Dead!

“He wanted that so bad, I almost didn’t have it at all,” FlyLo said. “He was like: ‘Well, if I can’t have it, then I don’t know.’ And I was like: ‘What, come on man? I need this! This is going to be one!'”

FlyLo recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his label Brainfeeder with the release of the Brainfeeder X compilation album. He also teased that his new album was being mastered a couple months back.

Source: The Guardian

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