Erykah Badu performs at this year's Summer Spirit Festival, photos by Zenarfoto
Erykah Badu performs at this year's Summer Spirit Festival. | Photos by Zenarfoto.

According To Erykah Badu, Prince Was Not A Fan Of 'Worldwide Underground'

"He did not care for [it] too much," Badu says.

Erykah Badu recently served as a guest on Stretch and Bobbito's What's Good podcast, where she discussed a number of topics, including the first time she met the late Prince.

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"The first time I met Prince he was my rhythm guitarist on stage at Paisley Park where I performed live with him. He wanted to meet me and play with us on stage," she recalls. "He was an amazing human being. Real honest. And he liked to laugh, too, so we were just giggling and s**t, laughing at people. We kept in touch here and there over the years."

From there, Badu recounts a time the Purple Rain artist criticized her for her third album, Worldwide Underground.

"I remember I came out with an album called Worldwide Underground. He came to one of my shows. I got in the limo with him and he said, 'Now look, that's not nothing.' I was like, 'What?' He said, 'That ain't finished, that's not nothing, you need to come on with it now. Whatchu doin', whatchu doin'?'" Badu said. "I was like 'Oh, well, It's just a process. It's just like a little demo.' He said, 'It sure is.'"

"...Other than talking about that music from Worldwide Underground, which he did not care for too much, we really didn't talk about music too much," she added.

During the conversation, she also talks about having "unpopular opinions," likely a reference to the controversial remarks she made about Hitler and Bill Cosby during an interview earlier this year.

"I'm a little bit more cautious. What it does is that it made me realize doing printed interviews in 2018 doesn't really help me at all or anyone because they want to create click bait," she says. "They're going to take a section of it and put it into another section, and make it be what they want it to be."

In related news, Badu performed as a part of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, where she did a beautiful, 12-minute rendition of her song "Green Eyes."