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Drake & 21 Savage Continue Fake 'Her Loss' Rollout with "Colors" Performance

Drake and 21 Savage are pulling out all the stops on their Her Loss rollout, with faux appearances on Howard Stern and ColorsxStudios.

The Her Losstrolling isn't over for Drake and 21Savage. On Monday (November 7), the pair unveiled a faux appearance on ColorsxStudios while performing "Privileged Rappers." The two comes one day after the two "stopped by" Saturday Night Live to perform "On BS" after being introduced by Creed III actor Michael B. Jordan.

“Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your musical guest for the evening,” Jordan says in the introduction. “Drake and 21 Savage, performing a song off of one of the most relatable albums of all time, Her Loss.”

Howard Stern was so impressed with Drake's "fake press tour" that he detailed it on his eponymous SirusXM show, sans mention of 21 Savage.

“He edited himself in to look like he’s in our studio, and he’s answering questions from me using clips from a different interview," Stern said on-air. "Drake did such a good job that the news outlets are reporting on it as if it’s real.”

The 68-year-old radio show host then cut to a clip of Good Day Atlanta taking the bait and doing a story on Drake's answer on settling down and getting married in the future.

Also on Monday, Drake announced a rescheduling of his Apollo Theater show, adding two dates for early December out of respect Takeoff's funeral at State Farm Arena on Friday, November 11.

“The Apollo show has been moved to allow us to pay respect to our dear friend this weekend,” Drake wrote in the Instagram caption. “We have added a second date for the fans.”