D'Angelo Documentary Claims a New Album is in The Works

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"He has big plans for the future, so you'll definitely be seeing more of him."

This week, Carine Bijlsma's D'Angelo documentary, Devil's Pie, will begin screening at Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. But at last night's premiere, attendees walked away with a lens into both the past and a hopeful future.

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According to Billboard, Bijlsma's documentary navigates the radio silence between Voodoo and Black Messiah with great care, following the soul icon and his all-star ensemble as they mapped the globe in support of a comeback that was 14 years in the making. Though he wasn't in attendance for the premiere, Bijlsma spoke to the artist's current whereabouts and dispelled a bit of D'Angelo's lingering enigma in a post-screening Q&A session.

Bijlsma claimed to have been in touch with the "Brown Sugar" singer in the days leading up to the film's premiere, noting that he was in the studio working on new music during their last check-in. She also echoed the sentiments of her film's closer: a new D'Angelo album is in the works and we should be ready to heed the call.

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It's worth mentioning that as promising as that sounds, it's a familiar note for/from the singer. Within a few months of Black Messiah's late-2014 surprise release, the singer told Rolling Stone that he'd already broke ground on the album's follow-through. And last year, when he abruptly canceled a string of European tour dates, the singer offered a similar explanation. Whatever the actual status may be, something's ever-so gradually taking shape in the D'Angelo camp. And if Black Messiah taught us anything, it'll be worth the wait.

Carine Bijlsma's Devil's Pie documentary has three screening's left this week. Jump over to Tribeca's landing page for ticketing information and hold tight for the next transmission.