Aldermen vote 48-1 for new police academy despite Chance the Rapper's speech
Aldermen vote 48-1 for new police academy despite Chance the Rapper's speech
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Chance The Rapper Speaks Out Against $95 Million Police Academy in Chicago

Chance still repping for the community

On Wednesday, Chicago aldermen overwhelmingly approved an initiative to pay $10 million to pay for 30 acres of vacant land for a $95 million police training academy in West Garfield Park.

Alderman voted yes 48-1. This came despite impassioned pleas from a number of activists and community members.

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One of those community members was rapper Chance The Rapper, who made a surprise appearance at the City Council meeting at City Hall.

Cameras were on as Chance entered the building and posed with students who were there protesting the closing of their school.

At one point, Chance got the opportunity to speak on the mic and ask alderman questions:

What is yall doin? It doesnt make sense. Im very confused. But like I said, you guys have a lot of power, and thats why I showed up at 8 a.m., because I feel like its maybe if you guys just hear me say it. Ill take pictures with everybody afterward if you want me to.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel had stepped away for this portion of the speech, something that Chance acknowledged during his speech, saying "it's cool." Emanuel would later say he wasn't snubbing The Rapper. He said he stepped out beforehand to call his mother. (Making this somewhat awkward is the fact that Chance's father, Ken Bennett, serves as Emanuel's deputy chief of staff.)

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After the meeting and the vote, Chance went to social media to let his displeasure be known.

WatchChance's powerful speech below.

SOURCE: ChicagoTribune